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I offer hands-on and distance healing sessions, Reiki classes, and channeled artwork.
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Intuitive Communicator / Spiritual Artist

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Hello, I’m Beth.

I was blessed to be raised in a lineage of spiritually aware and connected people.  At an early age, I thought it was natural to see and sense things outside of the usual physical dimension.  As I grew older, I pursued these gifts more deeply.

I am an intuitive, spiritual healer.  As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I incorporate Usui Ryoho Reiki and intuitive listening in our sessions, with a connection to the Angelic Realm.

I have worked with the Angelic Realm for many years.  In the spring of 2015, at the encouragement of a friend, I started drawing with her.  We were just playing around with techniques and having fun, when I started noticing that my drawings were of faces and mesmerizing eyes of beautiful beings.

With time, I came to understand that I was channeling the very beings from the Divine Realm that I had been working with in my meditations.  I heard them tell me that this artwork was a way for humans to connect with the divinity that’s always around them.

For some, a simple knowing of the presence of a divine being around them is all they need to connect.  But for many, there needs to be more of a human connection, and so this artwork becomes a point of access for those that need it.  Gazing into the eyes of the being in the artwork helps create that connection and facilitates healing.

My work is not religious, it is spiritual.  In other words, the Ascended Masters in the Angelic Realm that show up are not manifestations of a particular dogma or religion, even though some religions embrace them and they may be known as patrons of those religions.  Instead, these beings are particularly strong in the realm closest to the human experience, which makes them familiar to many.

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