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About Me

I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you, and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.

– Crazy Horse, Oglala Sioux

Hello!  I’m Beth.

I was blessed to be raised in a lineage of spiritually aware and connected people.  At an early age, I thought it was natural to see and sense things outside of the usual physical dimension.  As I grew older, I pursued these gifts more deeply.

I am a practicing spiritual and energetic healer.  As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I incorporate Reiki and other light-touch therapies combined with intuitive listening and a connection to the Angelic Realm to facilitate the healing.

I have worked with this Angelic Realm for many years in my healing practice.  In the spring of 2015, at the encouragement of a close friend, I started drawing with her.  We were just playing around with techniques and having fun, when I started noticing that my drawings were of faces and mesmerizing eyes of beautiful beings.

With time, I came to understand that I was channeling the very beings from the divine realm that I had been working with in my meditations.  I heard them tell me that this artwork was a way for humans to connect with the divinity that’s always around them.

For some, a simple knowing of the presence of a divine being around them is all they need to connect.  But for many, there needs to be more of a human connection, and so this artwork becomes a point of access for them.  Gazing into the eyes of the being in the artwork helps create that connection and facilitates healing.

I was creating Art With the Power To Heal.

A Personal Note About my Healing Practice

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a road map to navigate the unpredictables, wrong turns, and zig-zags through our lives?  There are synchronicities and small signs that pop up around us all the time and, depending on how open we are to them, we may or may not hear or see them.  So, how do we learn to tap in and listen?  What do we do with the loving “nudges” that make their way into our awareness?

While in session with my clients, I am actively working in partnership with their guardian angels and other light beings.  I am serving as a vessel of divine light and, in harmony with my client, allow this divinity to reach into their heart and mind.  It’s simply not possible to avoid the deep resonance of the divine love and peace that envelops the space.

I call this our “Dance of Divinity”, and it exists within and around us.  It is always ready to grace us with its gifts, if we only allow it.  Working with my clients over time creates a depth of understanding, hearing, and clarity to emerge through the “dance”.  It is my belief that we all have the power to heal ourselves, and this is where true healing arises.

— Beth

Epigenetics and Healing

The Simple Explanation

Epigenetics relates to biological mechanisms that switch genes on and off.  When a gene is “on”, we say that it is being “expressed”.  So when a particular gene is expressed, our bodies behave in a particular way.  The cells of our bodies are instructed by a chemical known as DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, or DNA.

When we make an off-handed comment such as “oh, it’s just in my DNA”, it’s a way of saying that how we’re functioning either physically or mentally is somewhat out of our control.  Some illnesses are “blamed” on DNA, saying that we are pre-disposed to certain maladies.

Circumstances around you can cause genes to be expressed or silenced.  Research has shown that what you eat, where you live, the stress in your life, who you interact with, when and how you sleep, and dozens of other factors influence gene expression.  We are all assimilating energies that have an epigenetic effect on our DNA, causing desirable and also undesirable physical and mental manifestations.  There are both physical and energetic methods of causing epigenetic responses that can heal (or debilitate) our bodies.

As Explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton
A Healer's Purpose

I believe that a healer’s purpose is to support someone to heal physical, emotional, or spiritual issues that are troubling them.  Conventional wisdom around healing is that either things are mechanically repaired with surgery or medicinally treated with drugs.  UNconventional wisdom is that external forces from unseen sources are causing cells and tissues to heal; that is, to restore working function.

Consider that “healing” may be somewhere in between, where the interaction between the healer and the client, or between the healing substance and the client is creating a shift in the expression of the master control unit – the DNA, our genes – and the result is restorative function of cells and tissue.  Certainly, we know that some substances such as drugs or environmental factors can cause biological responses that we classify as either good or bad, and yet we’re not entirely sure of exactly how these substances operate.

The picture around healing continues to get clearer and more well understood.  Why is it that a successful treatment for one person has no effect on someone else?  It could be epigenetics at play; the successful patient may have had extreme belief in the curative properties of the treatment, while the other stayed completely skeptical and unbelieving.  The scales are starting to tip toward the curative properties of meditation and belief.

How Epigenetics Shows Up in My Work

I don’t do epigenetic healing.  I actually can’t.  I work with my clients energetically and with the spoken word to open the door to possibility of self-healing; a place where the client can contribute to his or her own healing, influencing the body’s own cells to express or quiet DNA that is affecting well-being.

I also use cell-signalling products to enhance the body’s ability to create an epigenetic shift.  The science behind epigenetic cell-signalling is relatively new in the mainstream, so it is difficult to explain it with terms that we already have.  The practice demands new definitions and ways of describing what happens.

The best way to find out how it can benefit your well-being is to experience a session with me.  You’ll quickly understand what I mean about the difficulty of explanation.

Reviews and Testimonials

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"My healing session with Beth was a mixture of Reiki, clearing, talk therapy, guidance from Angels and Jesus and movement of energy. I felt safe and loved and the encouragement and guidance was life-changing in an amazing way. I highly recommend working with Beth. I am going to bring my 13-year-old son to her next week."

-Megan M.

"I visited Beth at a point when I felt like I was at a big transition point, yet was unclear of the nature of the transition I was about to experience. As I worked with her, it became clear that I was ready to let go of years of anger and sadness related to events from my early adulthood. She even "pulled" dark energy out through my belly button. Since then, my mood has been better, my sleep improved, and I'm more relaxed and focused than I've been in some time. I'm now aware of my connection with the archangel Asrael, whose presence has been grounding and calming. Thank you, Beth!"

-Sue C.

"I am someone who has never been able to sense energy work when I've had it done. I believe in energy healing and even do some energy healing myself. I was so surprised when I had my first healing session with Beth that I actually felt something happening. It's hard to describe, but I felt my heartbeat change. It was very deep inside my body - not something that I could feel outside by putting my hand on my chest. The second session was the same. I felt my heartbeat change way deep inside. I'm not sure yet exactly what is happening, but it's very exciting for me to have a healing session and actually feel something happen."


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