Beth Pfeffer

About Me

From my childhood, I can vividly remember sensing what seemed like a huge mismatch between the things I witnessed in the world going on around me and the way I perceived it showing up in reality.

I guess I always believed that there was a power that has the intelligence to heal us.  There was a sense of something “more”, and that this energy was available to each of us for our healing since this energy had, after all, created the world.

From my earliest memories, I was very sensitive to other people’s energy.  Because I didn’t understand what to do with all of the energies I was witnessing, I simply held on to the discomfort, anger, betrayal, grief, sadness and all the many other uncomfortable feelings in an effort to help the people I loved.  Of course, this was an unconscious decision because I was a child.

I saw the suffering and I also saw that it didn’t have to be that way.  I realize now that I was seeing the alternate reality or what it could be if love and consciousness were added to the mix.  It felt unfair to me.  It was a losing battle because I wasn’t able to express my feelings in a way that affected the shift that I could see was possible.

There was often a frustrated part of me wanting to speak out to ask why this suffering needed to happen.  The heaviness I felt from the wrongs that I didn’t understand and the inability to make right finally led to depression in my teenage years.

I took the route of rebellion and retreat from my life and had a few tumultuous years until, at age 16, I was diagnosed with epilepsy from a seizure that I’d had.  Now the feeling of separation I had been sensing really became a truth for me and I didn’t understand how “God” would do this to me.  In walked the “victim” and the experience of life now became something to navigate and survive.

I did not accept myself or the life I had because I was always striving to change it, thinking there was something wrong with me.  I was always looking outside of myself for healing.  I believed that, until I healed my physical body, I could not be happy, at least not in a sustaining way.  Joy was forever fleeting and I was continually chasing it.

I share this story because in my years as a healer, I see traumas we have all endured that are locked deep inside us waiting to be freed.  I see that the sense of separation, lack of self-worth and self-love is, in fact, felt by many people and experienced at one time or another.

I believe it stems from a larger story of feeling separate from our Source connection when we first come onto the planet as a soul entering our mothers womb.

We, as human beings, can spend lifetimes chasing “something out there” to fulfill us.

In my healing practice, I strive to support my clients to find real and lasting results, to find true freedom from the past, to re-write life on their own terms, to heal their physical bodies by unearthing and releasing the experiences held within the cells, within the mind; the memories – the ones that, once cleared, provide deep peace, acceptance and love for oneself.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and to have a life of OUR own choosing, rather than the one we were given.  We do this by rewriting and repairing our DNA, clearing the emotional and ancestral baggage we’ve carried around for too many years.

I am passionate about healing the healers, and those first awakening to their power so that we continue to build a team of incredible lightworkers for the healing of our world and all we carry forward when we leave this world.  We can choose to carry this despair along with us when we leave the Earth, or clear it all out.  We have a choice to feel burdened or to feel free.

When we learn the intricacies and trust of listening to our inner guide, we can catch patterns and clear them before they become dis-ease on the physical level.  When we learn to harmonize the life we have with a life we want, I believe anything is possible.

– Beth