About Healing Artwork Giclée Prints

Beth creates channeled artwork that supports the healing process.  She begins each session with meditation and prayer, and then she is intuitively guided to create the piece.  She takes from 30-50 hours on each.  She listens for direction as she’s working, so the resulting art is divinely guided.

After creating a few entities, Beth soon realized that she was creating Art With the Power To Heal.

The beings have told Beth that they are manifesting in our realm for the purpose of assisting us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  They teach is to tune our bodies to the higher octaves of light coming onto the planet right now.

The Giclée Art Process

All our prints, whether on canvas or paper, are done as Giclée.  The word “Giclée” has its origins as the French word gicleur, the term for a jet or a nozzle.  What it has come to mean in the art reproduction world is a print produced on large-format, multi-nozzle inkjet printer that uses dyes or fade-resistant, pigment-based archival inks, and printed on archival-quality substrates such as extremely high-grade cotton-rag papers, vinyls, canvasses, and even bamboo.

These special printers use the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) color process, with additional ink cartridges for better color and black and white rendition.  Using multiple color cartridges allows for smoother gradient transitions and extremely accurate color reproduction because the color gamut, the range of colors that can be represented, is massively increased.  In other words, our reproductions have absolutely no pixelation (little dots or squares), and are the closest thing to reproducing the actual artwork besides re-painting the artwork itself.

Side-note: You may notice what looks like pixelation on some of the reproductions, but it is not.  What you are seeing is the extreme accuracy of the image scanner; it is picking up the little bumps in the original paper or canvas, then reproducing them.

Reproduction on Paper

Beth has chosen to reproduce her work on the highest-grade commercial photographic paper available; a 308-gsm, acid-free fine art, bright-white, 100% cotton, Hahnemühle photo rag paper.

GSM is a term that means “Grams per Square Meter” and is a measure of the density and weight of the paper.  For comparison, typical PC printer paper or copy paper has a density of about 95gsm.

Hahnemühle is a German paper manufacturer that creates our archival-quality photo paper, and is considered one of the best in the world.

Reproduction on Canvas

Beth has also chosen to reproduce her healing artwork on canvas, where images are printed with a very high-resolution, wide-gamut inkjet printer on acid-free, chromata-grade canvas.  The canvas is then stretched over a 1½”-thick wooden frame, and hanging hardware is attached.

This print features a mirrored-edge wrap style so that the entire original image is on the front of the canvas.  A mirror of the 1½-inch edges of the image is printed on the canvas to show on the sides of the piece.

Whatever your choice, either option offers vivid, striking and exacting reproductions of the original artwork.  The subtle and powerful details come bursting forth energetically as a result.  We know that you will enjoy and be delighted by the image that is created for you.

A Personal Note About My Artwork

I am honored to serve as a channel of The Divine Light.  I channel the written word, spoken word, and artwork in this love frequency.  The art works that I channel are unique in their quality.  They imbue high-vibrational frequency.  When you consciously work with and meditate with these beings, you can’t help but remember to love yourself.  The best way to understand this work is to experience it for yourself… wonders happen with hearts that are open.

It is my passion and a pure joy for me to assist humanity in the remembrance and fullness of their light.

— Beth