Space Clearing

Like a white board with marks all over it, your home will benefit from a complete energetic clearing; a clean “surface” to begin anew, allowing fresh thoughts and beautiful energies to arise.
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What is Space Clearing?

Our houses are the environments where most of us spend much of our time when we are not working.  Homes have a “residue” of energy that is a result of the thoughts, feelings, and energy of the people who live there, and even those who visit.

It stands to reason that because we are living people who carry energy, we leave an energy blueprint in the spaces that we occupy and visit.  The imprint is strongest from those that spend the most time there.

Like a white board with thought imprints all over it, your house can benefit from a complete energetic clearing; a clean “surface” to begin anew, allowing fresh thoughts and beautiful energies to arise.

Please note – physical clearing sessions are available within a 25-mile radius of the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin.

Why Do It?

Some reasons you may choose to have a space clearing…

  • Is there an un-ease in your home that you just can’t put your finger on?
  • Has someone visited your space with energy that doesn’t serve you?
  • Do you suspect incompatible influences from previous occupants?
  • Do things like creativity just “not work” in your space?
  • Have you recently moved in to a new space?
  • Has your home experienced a level of emotional turmoil?
  • Are there strange occurrences or patterns happening?

Perhaps you just want a fresh energetic start right now.

How is a Clearing Done?

Energetic clearing simply requires powerful, loving intent that anyone can do. What I do is not magic, it is simply a powerful love energy and techniques that I have learned from years of doing this kind of work.  Here is an outline of what I do for a space clearing session:

  • Have a short discussion with the client to align with their goals for the session.
  • Offer up invocations to spirit to be present in the space and work with us as we clear it.
  • Walk the entire space, smudging with sage, palo santo or essential oils.
  • Have a closing meditation and request that all un-serving energies dissipate and leave the space.

The smoke from the smudging is light and aromatic, and its purpose is to assist in removing negative and stagnant energies, replacing with positive energy and a higher vibration.  Some of my clients have an adverse physical reaction to even the slightest bit of smoke, in which case I can use certain essential oils instead.

Just let me know at the time of booking if you cannot tolerate smudging.