Healing Sessions

I work with high-vibrational energy; using my hands, my words, my heart, and a loving tribe of divine masters to guide you on your journey.  I am a certified Reiki Master / Teacher, and I use the practice in my sessions to facilitate your healing.  A session is either 60 or 90 minutes, and can be in person at one of my practice locations or a distance session over the phone.

Universal Life Energy and its Relationship to Healing

The human body consists of multiple layers of energy.  The first is our physical body, which has shape, volume, and weight.  We can touch and see our physical body, but our other energy fields are not as easily seen or sensed.  We all have an aura that contains our etheric, mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies.

Our etheric energy is the first or lowest layer in the human energy field.  It is in immediate contact with the physical body and connects it with higher energies.

The emotional energy layer is where our feelings and fears reside.  This layer can become disrupted in cycles of extreme emotions and challenges.

Our “ideas” come from our mental bodies and also contain our belief systems, personal truths, and perceptions.  Sometimes, we can carry old belief systems from past lives or childhood which no longer serve us.

Our spiritual layer, also known as our higher consciousness, ties us to all that is.  It is the link to the divine within us.

Past traumas, emotional hurt, and physical dis-ease all add to our energy field becoming disrupted.  Often, it lives in the background of our lives without our awareness because we are so “in” it.

While inside the intensity of these patterns, we swim around in a state of survival.  We may even unwittingly take on the energy of another that can have an adverse effect.  The more sensitive or empathetic we are, the more this can occur.

Universal Life Energy connects us all and nourishes all of life.  It is also known as Chi, or Prana, and is not inert or lifeless but, rather, it is highly intelligent.  This is the energy that connects us – one to the other – as well as to our angels, masters, guides, and loved ones.

How I Work With This Energy

As a Reiki Master / Teacher, I work in The Light, and I am joined by beings of pure love that provide guidance for our session.  I am shown the blockages and disruptions and work with you to restore the flow of energy back to a state of balance, strength, and health.

I consider myself to be a channel for the healing energy of God.  I am clear that my ability to do this work comes from God and is a gift that is available to us all.  I find great joy in assisting people to realize their full potential in all areas of life that are important to them.