Distance Session


Are you feeling stressed around current global events?  Do you need some energetic away-time to reset your chakras and bring calm and peace back into your world?  A Reiki distance session with Beth provides powerful healing and relief while maintaining plenty of social distance.

Gratuity is entirely your choice.  Because of how our system works, we list the 3 common percentages here for your convenience.  Choose an option to display the final price.

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Distant sessions are a major advantage of Reiki as a healing practice.  The four main energetic fields of etheric, mental, and spiritual are accessible to a Reiki practitioner from anywhere in the physical world.  In the distance session, Beth will tap in to your energetic fields and receive guidance to create the healing energies that you need in the moment.


Once you check out, Beth will be sent a notice and she will contact you directly to set up the session.  Please be sure that all of your contact information is correct so that she is able to do that.