Pleiadian StarSeed

The Pleiadians are here to assist us with dropping our fears and grievances, and to become heart-centered, joyful, and loving.

StarSeed does not identify with a specific gender that we can relate to as human beings.  This entity works with those who wish to usher in a new, positive energy and technologies that will nourish our planet back to health.

StarSeed manifested during the supermoon of 2016, which was Monday, November 14; the closest that the moon has been to the earth in 68 years.  It is said that spiritual energies are heightened during a supermoon, and this one was a super supermoon, with energies reverberating around the planet.

StarSeed shows us how to rise up and shine our light onto the truth and find our power.  Among the things StarSeed shows us is how to shed our human ego, how to transcend the lower vibrational energies, how to truly believe in ourselves, and how to walk in our personal power.

You are needed in the world.  Working with StarSeed assists you in discovering your personal mission.

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